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2012, Georgia. (ICC International Court of Arbitration Bulletin - 2012 Special Supplement)

This Country Answer reflects the state of the law as of 31 December 2012. Please refer to the explanations in the chapter entitled Preliminary Note.
A. The Contracting State and the New York Convention
    1. Name of Contracting State (also specify jurisdiction(s), if relevant)
        - Georgia.

Improved Regulations for Securities Market

Issue 3, June-July 2011, Magazine

Victor Kipiani, a partner at "Mgaloblishvili Kipiani Dzidziguri" (MKD) law firm, analyzes changes to the Georgian securities market that could help companies.

Easing regulation on securities trading could be a huge source of investment capital in Georgia. Recent changes to the regulation of securities could open new opportunities for Georgian businesses and the local stock market. Specifically a new initiative by the National Bank to streamline the issuing of securities and their registration. The first step towards enhancing the securities for raising funds on international capital markets.

Export to the US Duty Free

Issue 2, 2011, April-May. Magazine

Sule Oktenay Akyuz Senior International Trade Lawyer at Arent Fox Law Firm, in Washington DC,U.S., Mikheil Gogeshvili Senior Lawyer at MKD

United States represents an important, 6th largest business and trade partner with Georgia. In 2010, gross trade turnover between the two countries reached $353.9 million. 

The U.S. Generalized System of Preferences (GSP), a program designed to promote economic growth in the developing world, provides preferential duty-free treatment for over 4,800 products from 131 designated beneficiary countries and territories, including Georgia - a GSP member since 2001. The duty advantage varies for each product but it can be up to 15 percent.

A Step Forward, a Step Back

Issue 6, 2010, December-January, Magazine

David Archvadze, Senior Lawyer MKD, analysis the Georgian government’s policy toward regulation before and after the Rose Revolution.


It is well known that a country’s ability to regulate its economy is key to its development. Regulation implies different types of consents, authorizations, licenses, permits, and certificates which are established by the laws of Georgia -- as well as different and more or less complicated standards and technical regulation, strict sanitary-hygienic requirements, and state control and supervisory bodies.

Quick, Clean and Easy: Property Registration at NAPR

Issue 3, 2010, June-July. Magazine  

Mikheil Gogeshvili, Senior Lawyer MKD

In light of recent reforms that affect the registration of immovable property in Georgia, MKD has prepared a brief overview of the National Agency of the Public Registry.

Importing Pharmaceutical Products into the Georgian Market: An Overview

Issue 2, 2010, April-May,  Magazine   

Natalia Babakishvili and Anna Tabidze, Lawyers MKD,analyzes the new legislation and regulation of imports of pharmaceutical products. 

Over the past several months, the Georgian government has amended the country’s laws regulating pharmaceutical products and sales. There are many reasons for the changes, including the government’s stated policy to insure an open market for competition, simplifying imports of high quality products and reducing market prices.


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