Georgia ranked 11th in the TRACE Matrix business bribery index

19 November, 2014

According to the TRACE Matrix global survey, Georgia has low risk of business bribery and is ranked 11th out of 197 countries. Georgia’s overall risk score is 27 points, a composite score being calculated for each country around the globe, with a range from 1 to 100: the higher the score, the greater the business bribery risk.

Georgia has passed ahead of her neighboring countries: Turkey – 70th, Armenia – 87th, Russia – 134th, Azerbaijan 140th, while Ireland, Canada and New Zealand were revealed as the top three countries with lowest risk of business bribery.

The TRACE Matrix, developed in collaboration with RAND Corporation, is the first global instrument which allows business community to assess the risk of business bribery.

The survey assesses countries across 4 domains: Business Interactions with Government, Anti-bribery Laws and Enforcement, Government and Civil Service Transparency, and the Capacity for Civil Society Oversight, including the role of the media.

A table with Georgia’s scores by domain is available here.


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