State Procurement System in Georgia

March 2014, Mariam Asanishvili, lawyer at Mgaloblishvili Kipiani Dzidziguri

-What is the procurement legislation like in Georgia?

In recent years, the Georgian procurement system has continuously improved due to progressive legislation. This resulted in efficient and transparent procurement policies and practices. The amended procurement legislation promotes fair contractual relationships with the business community.

- What does this new progressive legislation include?

It is noteworthy that since December 1st, 2010 the Georgian governmental bodies trade electronically with suppliers and those companies who desire to trade with the Government must have E-procurement capabilities. By using email and Internet technology, E-Procurement has removed traditional paper processes and provides organizations with the ability to trade electronically. It makes trading simpler and more cost effective for both buyers and suppliers.

It is not necessary to invest in expensive or complex technology to take advantage of the opportunities offered by E-Procurement. At the most basic level, a business may engage in E-Procurement with just a computer and an internet connection, which makes the whole process simpler and more convenient.

-Are there any advantages for international companies or for companies without premises in Georgia?

Yes, there are indeed. Georgia’s state procurement process is designed to ensure fair and transparent competition as the process is open and does not require a company’s local presence. The law also makes reasonable efforts to ensure that vendors are aware of opportunities to compete for state business – so tender notices are in Georgian as well as in English language. 


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