Tax & Corporate Reforms: Legislation, Practice

6 April 2012

On 6 April 2012 in Tbilisi in Holiday Inn Hotel the I Ukraine-Georgia Roundtable: Tax & Corporate Reforms: Legislation, Practice will take place. The event is organized by the Ukrainian Bar Association.

Representatives of the leading law firms and businessmen of Ukraine and Georgia will meet at the round table to share experience of the economic reforms, legislative innovations and discuss prospects of cooperation between the two countries as a whole.

The session will address several issues about the tax system in Ukraine and tax reform in Georgia, features of the corporate legislation of Georgia and Ukraine, the reform of the judicial system and state apparatus of Georgia, and of course Bar system in Georgia and Ukraine.

About UBA

Ukrainian Bar Association (UBA) - all-Ukrainian public organization, founded in 2002 to bring together lawyers for a strong and influential professional community, which would become a powerful voice of the legal profession of our country.

Along with the common goal of implementing the Rule of Law, increasing legal awareness and legal culture in society, the Ukrainian Bar Association is committed to the development of the legal profession, improvement of legislation, implementation of ethical standards in provision of legal services, protection of professional rights of the UBA members and human rights in general.


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