The Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs of Georgia expressed appreciation to Mgaloblishvili Kipiani Dzidziguri

May 19, 2014

Mgaloblishvili Kipiani Dzidziguri (MKD) was appreciated by Mr. Levan Kipiani, Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs of Georgia, for the firm’s contribution to organization of the conference "State's sports policy of Georgia: challenges and perspectives" held in Tbilisi on April 15-16.

This large scale event gathered about 230 participants to share their experience and discuss a number of topical issues in sports. Special attention was paid to sports law and sports arbitration since these areas have been in their very first stage of development in Georgia and would need integration of best international practices for progressing further.

Within the process of conference organization, the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs was working in close partnership with Mgaloblishvili Kipiani Dzidziguri to assure participation of the world-known foreign experts in sports law and arbitration matters. Later, Minister Kipiani addressed a thank you letter to MKD team in which he particularly appreciated MKD partner Irakli Mgaloblishvili and lawyer Mikheil Kakulia for their strong support, and expressed hope for future cooperation between the firm and the Ministry.

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