The elections to the Parliament of Georgia

October, 2012

The elections to the Parliament of Georgia were held on October 1 this year with the coalition of “Georgian Dream” receiving majority of seats in the new Parliament followed then by United National Movement, with those two political forces being the only ones to enter into the legislative body of the country.

Final results of the parliamentary elections are to be announced within 19 days from the elections day, the latest, and an opening session of the newly elected Parliament shall open within 20 days from the elections day.

Constitution of Georgia sets forth the parliamentary term which is 4 years. Parliament shall reside in Kutaisi and total number of parliamentary seats is 150.

The new Parliament shall elect its Chair and Deputy Chairs; besides, MPs may form up parliamentary fractions with minimum membership threshold of 6.

Issues with regard to authority of the Parliament and its working routine are further addressed through the Constitution of Georgia and the Regulations of the Parliament of Georgia.


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