Support Agreement with “Emmeplus Israel”

28 March, 2012

Mgaloblishvili Kipiani Dzidziguri (MKD) came to an agreement of mutual support with the Israel law firm „Emmeplus Israel“ ( which is working on the Israeli legal market for 25 years already.

Close business ties between Georgia and Israel, in particular on issues of economic cooperation has prompted decision by MKD to have a foothold in Israel. Interaction between the state Georgia and Israel continues, new treaties and agreements are signed and are concluded. The said support agreement makes it possible for to provide with legal services in line with international legal practices, on energy, finance, agriculture, infrastructure and transport issues.

MKD has itself a proven-track record of advising and representing Israeli business in Georgia, which has also been acknowledged by highest-ranking official of the State of Israel, including the President of the State of Israel. Therefore, the decision to have a presence in Israel is not of surprise and is viewed for purposes of further expanding scope of legal services pursuant to the concept of “domestic plus”.

MKD contacts in Israel are: Emmeplus Israel  
                                             6 Hachoshlim St. Herzelia, Israel 
                                             Phone: +972 77 6935650, Fax: +972 77 6935651



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