Mgaloblishvili Kipiani Dzidziguri offers new services through its German Desk

17-23 February, 2012.  Newspaper "GEORGIA TODAY" publishes interviews with Victor Kipiani, Partner MKD and Rati Bregadze, Counsel, Head of German Desk by Nino Edilashvili

Continuing the strategy to expand its activity in several other geographic ar­eas, Mgaloblishvili Kipiani Dzidziguri (MKD) law firm has established a Ger­man Desk.

For Victor Kipiani, a partner at MKD, the launching of the desk means offering to clients legal services pursuant to the concept of "domestic plus" which means advising not only on Georgian law mat­ters, but also providing support on mat­ters of non-Georgian legal issues.

"Our three-member team will pro­vide German-speaking countries with services in the German language, which will add more comfort to the overall pro­cess of communication," Kipiani told Georgia Today.

He explained that

this would represent an additional tool for the firm in addition to providing its ser­vices in other languages, thus enhanc­ing the firm's profile coupled with the quality legal services it already offers.

The presentation of the German Desk was held in Tbilisi on February 15 and in partnership with the German Business Association. "Our law firm will provide all the necessary support, starting from setting up a business, as well as a wide range of support services an investor may need in Georgia," Kipiani said.

He thinks that German investment is very important for Georgia, as Germa­ny is the economic powerhouse of the EU; having close German ties is of ma­jor importance with regard to creating a solid bridge with European businesses. "We will work in two directions. First, we will offer legal services to the Ger­man companies that may be interested in doing business in Georgia. We will also assist local Georgian business to set up in Germany, Austria or Switzerland providing to them reliable support" Kip­iani added. The MKD German Desk will be headed by Rati Bregadze who has recently returned to Georgia from Ger­many where he received his PHD at Hamburg University.

"We will be a three-member team and will provide all services, including practical tips on investing safely in Georgia, local and international law pro­tections for foreign investors, the chal­lenges of contracting with state entities in Georgia and the advantages of struc­turing in-bound investments through corporate vehicles in countries which have signed bilateral and multilateral investment treaties with Georgia, pro­viding wide-ranging international law protections to foreign investors," Bre- gadze said. What is also very important pursuant to Bregadze, is that the Desk will be strongly supported by the former Chair of the Supreme Court of Georgia and a very well-known scholar both in Georgia and in Germany, Dr. Lado Chanturia.

According to Bregadze, his team is currently working with a major Austri­an law firm; they are contemplating the possibility of setting up an Austrian-Georgian law group uniting both prac­titioners and scholars.

"Gradually, German-Georgian eco­nomic relations are becoming stronger. So the creation of such a specialized le­gal service unit is the first of its kind on the market and it will simplify business ties among Georgian and German, as well as German-speaking entrepre­neurs" Bregadze emphasized. The goal of the Desk, he added, is also to help facilitate investment from German language countries.

Asked how he feels about doing busi­ness in Georgia for foreign businessmen, Kipiani said that there are some "vital things" that foreign entrepreneurs should know before entering the coun­try. These include the cultural aspects of Georgia and being knowledgeable on Georgia's business regulations.

The MKD law firm was set up 15 years ago in Tbilisi and currently is one of the major law firms in Georgia that provides quality legal services for businesses oper­ating in the country. In 2011, the firm was ranked as the top firm for Georgia in Gen­eral Business Law in the edition of Cham­bers and Partners Europe.

Last year, MKD organized a semi­nar in the United Kingdom on How to Protect Your Investments in Georgia, where the MKD team, both local and UK staff, made a presentation on the country's business environment, as well as provided information and recommen­dations to interested business circles on how to avoid or mitigate investment risks in Georgia. MKD has made a sim­ilar presentation in the Ukraine and Ger­many and plans to organize another event in Italy this May.


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